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FasTran's Urban 

Two businessmen arrive at a suburban FasTran terminal. Looking north, a sleek, wide-bodied vehicle is nearing the terminal.  The appearance of the vehicle is futuristic.  FasTran's frequent schedule is measured in minutes during rush hours and worry to catch a "specific train" at a "specific time" is not a concern for these commuters. The two businessmen enter the vehicle by one of two wide entry doors on the right side, while exiting passengers leave using the two wide doors on the left side. This dedicated flow pattern creates orderly, non-hassle, entry and exit. The two passengers are now in the super-wide vehicle that is equivalent to the interior cabin width of a B-747 aircraft.  They walk on 1 of 2 entry/exit aisles that bisect the cabin from the right to left.  From the cabin's front to the rear are 3 wide aisles.  Each seat is entered/exited directly from/to an aisle (no climbing over another passenger to reach your seat).  All seats are wide with premium comfort.  Direct lighting highlights the passenger's seat area and indirect lightning provides a soft, aesthetic background. The doors close. The vehicle rapidly gains speed. One of the commuters scans the TV monitors located near the ceiling of the cabin. On one the news; the second, financial returns; and the third, provides general entertainment (closed caption). The other commuter opens his PDA and accesses the internet via the vehicle's WiFi.  Urban's interior and exterior sounds are "quiet" (as is Magic's).  The guideway and Equipment Bay's outer walls and sound suppressant contain motor and wheel sounds.  The rider looks up briefly to see the digital reader...72,73,74,75 MPH, he mentally notes, cruise speed. Outside, the vehicle is traveling 25' above bumper to bumper freeway traffic in its "can't be missed" multi-colored advertising wrap (premium advertising income for the transit agency). The vehicle appears to be flying as a large portion of the vehicle's cabin "flies" away from the guideway in the "free air space". 


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